Smerconish:-what is the biggest threat to trump?

                       Smerconish:-what is the biggest threat to trump{}

The president finds himself in però like at no point during his two year old administration the last few days have brought a series of bringing issues so i gotta quest which of these is the biggest threat to trump the markets mobile or military or the media please go to smart comments dot com this hour way and i wanna know what you think there's a strong argument for reach the markets around track for the worst december since the great depression i remember asking is it still the economy stupid you sent keep in mind that here to for president trump is better fitted from a strong economy where would his approval numbers be which by the way have never passed the fifty percent threshold if he loses a strong economy for actually about to find out and there's mars probe smart money says that it will end in early twenty nineteen will see the outcome already discharged 33 people three senior trump associates completed guilty ten various charges palm and fort michael flynn michael cohen roger stone mason facetime the barrel house intel committee voted you turn over a transcript of stones testimony to that might be a prick or to charging it i have to wait and see but clearly molar in the southern district of new york probes post però to the presidency and then there's the military and i'm referring of course to james madison resigning as defense secretary that lasted all in the room many say what others follow the door will there be on rest in the middle east will some hostel power try to take advantage of medicines policy disagreement with the president most però to the president the market smaller military valid but the correct answer in i feel is choice number for the media and i'm not referring to those outlets which are frequently fact check the president not the new york times not to washington oh not CNN not saying no i'm talking about the conservative media mat garage and cold bright bart fox news who by the way the president apparently had to reach out to this week too sure that he would stand firm on funding for the border wall five years ago i wrote a novel what was called pocket accurately predicted that we would reach a point where republican president had healed it control to a talking head and were their government shutdown would probably not exist were it not for the president relating to these people with microphones if not for and culture what's the president right now would be more log out if the president loses the support of the conservative media that will lead to a rosen of support i'm on house and senate republicans who live in constant fear of being primary as a result of being at odds with these medium pizzas nothing else president trump is a political warrior he's proven he can sustain serious blood letting but his achilles heel is the conservative media if he loses is there any combination of the market to the military and molar can cut short his time in office to join me now to discuss selena national political reporter for the washington examiner new york post college and cola of the great revolt inside the popular coalition reshipped american politics and frank says no director of the school of media and public affairs at george washington university and author of the book ask more the power what questions to open doors uncover solutions and spark changed selena where am i wrong when your not necessarily wrong i think you've laid it out very well i think that the conservative media is an important component in terms of keeping his car alicia engaged but we also have to remember a lot of the other conservative media early on in two thousand sixteen didn't have shes bad and he was scared out i was skeptical of hamburger sort of like them sort of like him and he still was able to turn out record number of noches okay but the primary process have record numbers of turn that amount republican primary voters and he's still one before they are find out with him so well they are very important they are not the mole i don't i think actually the most dangerous thing for the president right now is understanding that his coalition isn't just popular that there are conservatives in there as well and some very hesitant to support him and others that sort of firing of madison haley from a nikki haley leaving those those two those.