Creta Niche

What makes the Creta so special?
To attain a position as secure as the Creta’s in a market like ours, carmakers have to go the extra mile. Not just in creating the product, but also in understanding what the segment — and more importantly the target consumer — wants. With close to 4 lakh customers in the Indian market, the Hyundai Creta is a clear example of that. One with which you may not hesitate in using adjectives like successful and popular.
The first thing that strikes about the Hyundai Creta is the way it looks. The facelifted example that you see here might have added some freshness to the design, but even the original doesn’t look bad. It’s a design that’s bound to work for ages — and essentially have a lasting effect, even when a lot of compact SUVs try too hard to look futuristic. Then you step inside to enjoy what’s easily the most ageless interior design in a modern compact SUV. Like the exterior, it’s far from flashy, but it’s just right. Not only is it well put-together, with its spot-on ergonomics, choice of good quality components, and a design that’s functional but also aesthetically pleasing, spending long hours inside the Creta’s cabin is a doddle.
Equally easy is spending long hours behind the wheel of one, because regardless of the engine and gearbox combination you choose, the Creta proves to be a comfortable car to drive. And when you’re in the mood to take the winding road, the Creta doesn’t hamper your progress with traits usually associated with SUVs: body roll, slow turn in, and excessive nose dive. It’s got none of those. It handles like a car, which means that you don’t have to realign your driving style if you’re upgrading from a vehicle that sits closer to the ground. On the other hand, the Creta doesn’t disappoint on bad roads, either. The large wheels conquer most potholes without the Creta throwing a fit. And the suspension soaks most bumps without making the Creta lose its composure.
Hyundai cars are considered to be better-equipped than rivals on the features front, too. And like in other aspects, the Creta continues its unabated supremacy here. Features like electric sunroof, cruise control, ventilated seats, and wireless phone charger mean that it’s inched ahead of not only its rivals but also cars that are from different, much higher segments, too. And safety features like six airbags, hill-start assist, vehicle stability management further strengthen the Creta’s position as a vehicle whose features aren’t defined by its price point.
In fact, it would be a disservice to a product like the Creta if we were to talk about its relevance on the basis of its price point. It has consistently shown to us critics (and rival companies as well) how to ace the compact SUV formula. Despite having a wide variety of competitors — from various segments and price points — the Creta has proven to be successful. It has carved a niche for itself that’s very difficult in a market like ours. And if you were to ask what makes Creta special, the answer is right in front of you. It’s the fact that Hyundai went ahead and tried something that others didn’t. It’s the fact that Hyundai understood what the customer wanted and delivered exactly that. It’s the fact that Hyundai possibly thought about the car from the customer’s perspective. And that’s what makes the Creta so special.
Vibhu, a keen car enthusiast from Chennai, and also the person behind the up-and-coming website CarGuys. in, also happens to love the Hyundai Creta. His has been in the family for about four years and is the go-to car for everyone. That’s not only because of the ease of driving that the Creta offers but also because it’s peppy and fun — and also quite forgiving in an everyday driving scenario. Vibhu also points out the understated design of the Creta is very likeable. And that apart from the regular servicing cost, the Creta hasn’t incurred any expense. Its versatility to handle both city and highway driving is commendable. And even after long journeys, there’s no sign of fatigue. That speaks volumes about the vehicle, especially when it’s coming from someone who knows his cars well.